Church History

     “Living By Faith” Ministries is a non-denominational congregation, worshipping and serving the church of JESUS CHRIST. The congregation, originally established over 125 years ago, stepped out to serve independently under new identification June 05, 2005.

     On April 13, 2008, “Living By Faith” Ministries entered our new sanctuary at our current location roughly one mile east of our original building.

     “Living By Faith” Ministries’ mission is, to nurture and grow, in CHRIST as instructed in GOD’s Word, strengthened by HIS grace, and made available only through acceptance of the sacrificial death, burial, and resurrection of JESUS CHRIST.

     We take seriously our commitment to the Word of GOD. The Word is central to our Sunday School curriculum, our worship messages, and our conversational Bible studies.

     Consistent with our mission statement, our outreach ministries are focused on the spread of the Gospel of Salvation through CHRIST. For many years we have participated, through finances and mission participants, with: Teen Missions International, Sponsor of a Bible School program in Africa, Gideons International, Youth Dynamics and others that share the Word of GOD. Locally, we annually provide a dynamic Vacation Bible School program.

     Just as there is still room at the cross, we have room for you! Come check us out!